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Cloudy Mountain

In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, the player must cross difficult terrain, reach the resting place of a broken crown, and restore the crown. During the game, the player will navigate randomly generated rooms and corridors within a mountain range, collect items, and fend off monsters. The player's only weapon is a bow and arrow, which can be fired in any of eight directions by pressing the number-pad keys on the Intellivision controller.[2]

Cloudy Mountain


The player begins in a cabin on one side of a large wilderness map; on the other side is a huge mountain containing the crown, topped by clouds and inhabited by sleeping dragons. Smaller mountains and geographical obstacles bar the way to the goal. Some mountains are impassable, while others turn different colors as the player approaches them to indicate their difficulty level.

When the player enters a mountain, the screen shifts to an overhead view of a maze of rooms within it. The player is represented by a black figure with a bow, and must move from one room to another. Rooms and connecting passages initially cannot be seen, but gradually light up as the player moves into them. The player must avoid or destroy the monsters, collect useful items, and find an exit in order to return to the map screen. The difficulty level of the mountain determines the types of monsters and items that can be found inside. The player starts the game with three arrows to use in destroying monsters, but can find more as the game progresses.

Quivers can be found in any mountain, while each of the other three items can only be found in mountains of one specific color (blue mountains for the boat, red mountains for the axe, and purple mountains for the key).

Fang Congyi, a Daoist priest from Jiangxi, traveled extensively in the north before settling down at the seat of the Orthodox Unity Daoist church, the Shangqing Temple on Mount Longhu (Dragon Tiger Mountain), Jiangxi province. Imbued with Daoist mysticism, he painted landscapes that "turned the shapeless into shapes and returned things that have shapes to the shapeless."According to Daoist geomantic beliefs, a powerful life energy pulsates through mountain ranges and watercourses in patterns known as longmo (dragon veins). In Cloudy Mountains, the painter's kinetic brushwork, wound up as if in a whirlwind, charges the mountains with an expressive liveliness that defies their physical structure. The great mountain range, weightless and dematerialized, resembles a dragon ascending into the clouds.

Finally, purple mountains are the most dangerous aside from Cloudy Mountain itself, but the keen treasure hunter will be able to score themselves a key. This will allow you to pass through the black gates in the walls on the map.

Yilong Zhu plays Hong Yizhou and Zhizhing Huang plays Hong Yunbing his father, in this pulse pounding action filled disaster drama film. From the opening scene when we are introduced to Yizhou and his girlfriend, we know this engineer knows what he is talking about, as he warns of the dangers and natural disasters that could be ahead. Within minutes of an altercation with his boss disaster strikes in the tunnel and the brakes never really let up before the quake hits and of course we prepare ourselves for the bigger natural disaster that is on its way. Our leading man Yilong Zhu is excellent in his role here, he plays both the drama and action scenes well. You can tell for the climbing scenes that he must have done a lot of training prep well before the cameras rolled. His, for me is the standout performance of the film, but all the cast are on top form. The drama scenes are very well played, but firstly this is a disaster film, and this is where Shattered Earth stands out. The visual and special effects are outstanding, honestly they`re breathtakingly good. I sat on the edge of my seat while the destruction unfolded, I was thinking wow, how realistic seamless are these effects. The splitting off the rock, the fault lines appearing across the mountains, it is quite a sight for the eyes, so cinematic and this is what makes the pacing of the film so brilliantly fast, as by the end of it, you will be literally gasping for breath. As the ordinary people and our hero come together to face the impossible odds that they find they are in, from the first quake to the last. I don`t want to say too much more about the scenes, and give things away.

We found ourselves celebrating their elopement in the mountains of Big Bear Lake in Southern California. After the bride and groom got gussied up we caravanned down a dirt road to the ceremony site. It was hilarious trying to follow behind 15 family members on this off-roading trail!

Players begin the game on one side of a large wilderness in a cabin, with a huge mountain topped by clouds and a slumbering dragon (Cloudy Mountain) on the other side. In between, a number of smaller mountains and geographical obstacles bar the way. On this map the player is represented as a trio of flashing white dots, which correspond to the number of lives the player has left. Each time the player loses a life, a dot disappears until all have gone and the game is over. According to the manual each dot represents one of a trio of adventurers who are on their quest to recover the Crown of Kings.

To complete the game, the player moves the white dots across the wilderness. Rivers, forests, gates, and small mountains bar their path. However many of the mountains contain caves that can be travelled through and explored. When the dots move adjacent to a mountain, it will change color to represent whether or not it can be entered. The new color corresponds to the type of monsters within, and also of what item will be within. Some will contain boats, which can be used to cross rivers, some keys for passing through gates, and others axes, which can be used to pass through forests.

Upon entering a mountain the main part of the game begins. The player is represented by a black figure armed with a bow. The player must guide the figure through a maze, which is initially shrouded in darkness. As the figure explores, the shroud disappears, revealing more of the maze. This idea of a "shroud" continues to be used in many RPGs produced since, including Dungeons and Dragons games.

The figure would move through the maze, until they found the exit or were killed (except in Cloudy Mountain, the final maze, where the level (and game) immediately ended on gathering both pieces of the Crown). While in the maze, a number of monsters would attack them. The difficulty of each mountain determined how many monsters were on the map, and also which "boss" monster was present. The player could kill the monsters by firing arrows with their bow (using the numbered key-pad, in a similar manner to the Tron: Deadly Discs game), which could ricochet off walls to hit their targets and potentially injure the player. Rats, bats and spiders are killed with a single hit, but "boss" monsters take two arrows to kill. These boss monsters included giant snakes, demons, and dragons. It was possible for several to be present in one maze. The "final bosses" were a pair of winged dragons within Cloudy Mountain, each of whom guarded one half of the Crown. These winged dragons took three arrows to kill. Indestructible and slow-moving "blobs" were also often present.

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