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Fires And Fireplaces Direct

Our wide range of electric fireplaces of all types has brought warmth, comfort, and ambiance to homes across the country. Electric fireplace heaters, inserts, and log sets along with electric fireplace TV stands, mantel sets, and wall mounted linear style round out our stand-out selection.

fires and fireplaces direct

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Rest assured that your information is safe with our certified, 100% secure checkout process. We also offer a hassle-free return policy on all our electric fireplaces and accessories if things are not what you expected.

Because electric fireplaces are our specialty, we can deliver your electric fireplace fast FREE. Many our our electric fireplaces are in stock in our warehouse and can be shipped out within 24 hours of your order.

A direct vent fireplace uses outside air for combustion instead of the air from within your home. A dual chamber flue system both brings in cold air in one chamber and expels exhaust through the other chamber. The result is a highly efficient fireplace that is able to minimize heat loss through the flue and put more of that heat back into your home keeping your home full of warm, clean air. Direct Vent gas fireplaces can be operated safely without the use of electricity.

A direct vent fireplace has a completely sealed combustion chamber which allows it to vent directly out a side wall or through the ceiling of your home. A direct vent fireplace uses the natural principal of warm air rising to create negative pressure in the system to draw in cold air for combustion. A sealed firebox prevents cold air from entering your home when the fireplace is not in use and increases the efficiency of the fire while burning.

One of the best features of a direct vent fireplace is its flexibility in installation. Where a natural vent fireplace needs to be vented vertically only, a direct vent fireplace can vented through your roof or a side wall of your home. This means you can essentially place your fireplace within any room including a bathroom, basement, bedroom, kitchen, and of course living room! For very large rooms and/or commercial installations however, a Power Vent may be needed.Direct Vent vs Power Vent Fireplaces

A Ventless fireplace is a fireplace that does not require any venting. Instead of expelling emissions outside of the home they are simply allowed to remain in the home, causing potential safety issues. As there are safety concerns with Ventless gas fireplaces there are very strict installation requirements and regional restrictions. Ventless fireplaces can only be sold in the USA but not Canada.Find A Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

With Quadra-Fire, performance comes standard. These fireplaces, stoves and inserts burn gas, wood, pellets and other alternative fuels. Stoves A stove is freestanding and offers a traditional and charming ambiance.

We have over 80 fireplaces on display which include Marble, Portuguese Limestone, Granite, Cast Iron, Slate and Wood. Our extensive range of wood burner, multi-fuel and independent boiler stoves include brands such as; Ecoburn, Arrow, Westfire, Dovre, Hunter, Yoeman, Mendip, Stovax, Dunsley and Varde.

We also stock a wide selection of gas stoves and cassette fires, which include decorative, hotbox and convector styles. In our showroom we also have electric fires (decorative & hang-on-the-wall) and electric stoves from Dimplex, Magiglo, Gazco, Brosley and Flamerite. Over-mantles, mirrors, fire fronts, firebacks, baskets, flue pipe, flexi liners and many more accessories are also available.

For fireplaces in the Hamptons, we're the Hamptons' - Long Island's East End - Hearth Specialists! Sag Harbor Fireplace offers quality service for your chimney, fireplace, and wood stove and an outstanding selection of hearth products. The most recognized and trusted name in the hearth industry for the Hamptons, Long Island, New York.

Every one of our fireplaces is an industry leader in design and innovation. And because of the flexibility of our Design-A-Fire feature, you can create a fireplace that perfectly reflects your style and taste.

Timeless design and enduring quality are the hallmarks of the Regency Traditional Direct Vent Gas Fireplace line. Fine finishing, realistic full fires and a multitude of customizing options allow you to match design elements on your fireplace to your home.

Our direct vent gas fireplaces are the best money can buy. With such a wide selection of both traditional and linear styles in multiple sizes and price points, we truly offer a gas fireplace for any room in your home.

Whether you love traditional or contemporary style, a Superior fireplace will be a gorgeous centerpiece in your home for years to come. Our gas fireplaces offer the ultimate in comfort and control, along with beautiful flames and glowing embers.

At Montigo, we are obsessed with creating the most perfect flame possible in a gas fireplace, and it shows in the finished product. Our fireplaces are crafted to a large extent by hand, and meet the most stringent customer quality and commercial certification standards.

Gas Direct Vent Fireplaces are the perfect addition to almost any room. Besides adding the beauty of a new fireplace to your home, you get the added benefit of a home heater and secondary heat source. With horizontal, rear vent, and vertical venting options on most units, adding a fireplace will create a beautiful focal point to your room. From portrait styles fireplaces perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens to larger full scale fireplaces Light My Fire has the perfect product for you. We carry Kozy Heat, Fireplace X, Lopi, Mendota, and Innovative Hearth Products. We also offer Davinci Fireplaces which provides customers with a clean, contemporary look without the barrier screen. With so many to choose from, there is sure to be one to fit any home décor and budget.

Light My Fire is a family owned and operated business established in 2004 by John Susnosky. Prior to opening Light My Fire, John owned and operated Absolute Gas Service Inc. since 2000, which concentrated on the installation aspect of fireplaces and barbecue grills. Building on the knowledge of installations, John went into the retail side of fireplaces and grills opening Light My Fire. Learn More ->

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled fireplaces until they have been in contact with Ortal or their authorized Ortal dealer to determine whether their fireplace needs a retrofit plate. A retrofit plate will only be installed if the fireplace is positioned on a wooden base or floor. Ortal is directly contacting all known dealers, installers, distributors, homeowners, and any other individuals that purchased or installed the recalled products. Ortal will install a retrofit plate and provide an inspection free of charge to consumers.

AFIRE creator of eco-friendly direct vent fireplace "Concorde" , a range of remote controlled, flueless hearths the new means of comfort. . AFIRE is an ethanol direct vent fireplace manufacturer.

A gas fireplace or insert in your home creates an instant gathering place for relaxing and entertaining that's warm, bright and ready at the push of a button. And a gas fireplace or insert doesn't just provide an idyllic backdrop for making memories with your friends and loved ones. Gas fireplaces have been shown to boost home value and are frequently listed by experts among the amenities homebuyers most prize when deciding on a home.

Providing you with the perfect fireplace is what Starfire Direct is all about. We have everything you need to add or improve your fireside experience. There are modern burning options available like electric, gas, ethanol, or gel as well as enhancing additions such as mantels, media, or accessories.

Whether you are looking to install a fireplace indoors or outdoors we have what you are looking for. Our fireplaces are classy, timeless, and easy to install and operate. We have vent-free options and as well as ethanol and gel fireplaces. We are truly able to make a fireplace work in any space without major renovations. Take a look at all of our options to find exactly what you need to perfect your home with the warmth of fire.

Keep warm air in and let bad air out with our direct vent gas fireplaces. Direct vent gas fireplaces use a fraction of the gas used in other fireplaces, keeping the warm air in and the harmful air out. Buy fireplaces with a variety of stunning options in an array of colors, fuel beds, and more.

Our vent-free and ventless fireplaces are self-contained, require little maintenance, and do not leave any ashes or soot. They come in different sizes and styles, you are sure to find a fireplace that fits your space and your lifestyle!

Ethanol and gel are simply the most environmentally friendly types of fireplaces on the market. Starfire Direct has just about every kind of ethanol and gel fireplace, including table top, freestanding, wall mounted, and single-sided fireboxes, double-sided fireboxes, as well as fuel, fireplace accessories, and more. The possibilities are endless with our ethanol and gel options plus they come with the peace of mind of being clean burning! 041b061a72


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