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[S2E13] From Home, With Love !!HOT!!

Monique Samuels is wrapping up her reality TV "redo." After four seasons on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Monique walked away from the show, took a brief break and then returned to television with OWN's Love & Marriage: DC. Read More

[S2E13] From Home, with Love

This Supergirl episode was different from the others because this time around the baddie that Kara was facing actually was also her sort-of love interest. We already met Mr. Mxyzptlk or Mxy at the end of episode 12, but on Supergirl season 2 episode 13, we saw the real extent of his powers and what he intends to do with them on Earth.

Secondly, in this episode, Winn also finally found some love and romance in his life. After he almost got beat up by an alien, Lyra, a warrior from Star Haven saved him. And they ended up going to dinner and sleeping together. So it seems like Winn might finally have some romantic scenes on this show as well. Which definitely is a welcome change. And if we can get more scenes with him and Lyra, that is only an added bonus.

This latest Resident Alien installment elicited a few giggles from me with its signature quirky, cheeky humor. Performance-wise, everyone steps up to the plate, but Tudyk and Tomko are perpetual standouts to me. Tomko injects so much heart and empathy into this series, while Tudyk is a comedic genius who should be showered with accolades by now.

I started Wherever I Look back in 2011 and have aimed to be that friend who loves watching various forms of media and talking about it. So, from bias, strong opinions, and a perspective you may not have thought about, you'll find that in our reviews.

So he finally got there. It took basically two seasons but Frank Underwood is the President of the United States. After putting enough pressure other democrats like Jackie Sharp, Frank makes sure Walker knows that impeachment is inevitable. Prior to ascending to the presidency, Frank reaches out to Walker and the two mend their relationship. Raymond Tusk, who was going to be given a pardon, has it rescinded, and implicates himself in money laundering in order to bring the president down with him. But the main takeaway from a really disappointing finale was that Frank becomes president.

Yui sees Yukino's dread at returning to her home, so she invites her to stay around her house for the night. Hachiman was invited too, and he accepts, although he admits that he doesn't know why he went. Yukino apologizes for the trouble she caused earlier, but Yui brushes it off. Yui's mother enters the room with drinks, embarrassing Yui in front of her friends before she is quickly pushed out of the room. Yui says how irritating she finds her mother, but Yukino disagrees, saying she can see the close bond between them. Yukino starts to get up and leave, but Yui quickly suggests that she spends the night. Hachiman backs her up, saying that it will be easier for her to talk it out with her sister once she has calmed down.

The new day begins with Hachiman sending Komachi off to the Soubu entrance exam, wishing her luck. He then receives a call from Yui, asking him out for a date. Hachiman reacts with surprise, but ends up going anyway.

After the feris wheel ride Yui steers the group to a viewing area by the shore. Yui begins to talk about their relationship on the verge of losing control of her emotions. Yui gives Hachiman her handmade gratitude cookies to which Yukino reacts by reaching grabbing her purse and looking away with a depressed expressing, regretting not giving Hachiman her cookies from the beginning of the episode. Yui offers her answer to their problem, their "final task". She requests to maintain the status quo they have now and that they should not look into how each other truly feels which may ruin their current relationship. As Yukino was about to tearfully accept Yui's proposition Hachiman interrupts and claims that to be a facade and doesn't mind the struggle which he feels is the better choice, Yui says that she already knows that Hachiman would say something like that, with teardrops sliding down her cheeks. Yukino says that it was not the final anything, and that they still have Hachiman's request to resolve.

Eight years ago. When Kyosuke returns home, Kirino comes running, crying. She holds out a broken doll in both hands, and Kyosuke, smiling and full of confidence, begins to fix it. Kirino stares on, seemingly worried, but it is easily fixed as usual. Kirino longs for how her brother was back in those days...(from the official episode guide)

The people of Arcadia, Missouri are forever changed when their deceased loved ones suddenly start to reappear. An 8-year-old American boy (Landon Gimenez) wakes up alone in a rice paddy in a rural Chinese province with no idea how he got there. Details start to emerge when the boy, who calls himself Jacob, recalls that his hometown is Arcadia, and an Immigration agent, J. Martin Bellamy (Omar Epps), takes him there. The home he claims as his own is occupied by a 60-year-old couple, Henry (Kurtwood Smith) and Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher), who lost their son, Jacob, more than 30 years ago.

Terry is at first angry, believing that Bruce masterminded the whole thing in order to ensure that he had a successor. In his mind, Terry imagines himself storming into the Batcave and confronting Bruce not denying the accusation and insists that the world will always need a Batman. Terry is even more angry to learn that Bruce never told him that Warren McGinnis was not his real father. He also imagines himself breaking up with Dana Tan whom he has continued dating since high school and now knows his secret identity, and withdrawing from the JLU.

Aboard the Coronet, Obi-Wan and Anakin brief clone troopers on the situation. The clones and the astromech droid R2-D2 are told that the safety of the Duchess Satine Kryze is of the utmost importance. They are also told to search for any suspicious activity aboard the ship that may point to Death Watch or the Separatists. Obi-Wan and Anakin are summoned to meet with the duchess, and Anakin discerns from Obi-Wan's tenseness that he and Satine were once close. Upon arrival, Obi-Wan and Satine discuss the nature of the war; Satine stubbornly wishes to remain neutral despite potential Separatist involvement, but Obi-Wan warns her that may not be an option.

As the Coronet jumps into hyperspace, the clones Redeye and Mixer are attacked by an assassin probe. Rex contacts Obi-Wan when he is unable to find the two clones and Anakin goes to help them in their search. They discover a cargo crate that is mysteriously open and the contents missing. Anakin updates Obi-Wan, who is dining with Satine and numerous Senators. Anakin and the clones discover the assassin probe and destroy it, but another makes its way up a turbolift towards the dining area. Obi-Wan destroys the second probe, and both parties are then attacked by numerous small SD-K4a mini-assassin droids which were being stored in the larger ones. The probe killers are destroyed in the following battle, and Anakin later learns from a protocol droid that the box containing the droids was ordered on board by one of the four Senators now aboard the ship; Obi-Wan discovers one assassin droid left alive, and decides to perform an experiment. Holding the droid in a dinner plate, he presents to it each of the four Senators, one at a time. The droid attempts to attack Senators Orn Free Taa, Onaconda Farr, and Kin Robb, but remains calm when near Tal Merrik, the Senator from Kalevala, exposing him as the traitor. Merrik takes Satine hostage and escapes the room. As Anakin and the clones finish destroying all the assassin droids, Merrik makes his way to the cockpit, where he murders the crew. He pulls the ship out of hyperspace and contacts Pre Vizsla, who sends three boarding ships filled with B2-series super battle droids to reinforce Merrik on the Coronet.

As Anakin, Rex, Cody, the clones, and Satine's royal guard hold off the droids, Obi-Wan attempts to arrest Merrik. However, Merrik has rigged the engines of the ship with explosives, and warns Obi-Wan to stay back, or he will detonate the explosives. Satine begs Obi-Wan to stand his ground, and the Jedi follows at a distance as Merrik drags Satine towards one of the boarding ships. Satine finally confesses to Obi-Wan that she loves him; Obi-Wan admits that he would have left the Jedi Order for her, to which Merrik responds with disgust. Satine manages to escape Merrik's grasp and steal his blaster. Merrik begins to taunt Satine and the Jedi, sneering that neither one of them are brave enough to kill him: if Satine kills him, she will betray her pacifist views, while if Kenobi kills him, he will lose Satine's respect. Obi-Wan and Satine both hesitate, but before they can act, Anakin runs Merrik through with his lightsaber from behind, killing him.

Pre Vizsla's character model was incomplete when this episode was produced and thus appears from the head down in clone trooper armor covered by a cloak that has a Mythosaur skull on the back, which would be replaced with the Death Watch symbol on his later character model.

When Kevin returned home, he had a special delivery waiting for him. He opened up the letter and pulled out the chain and letter from Charlotte. He had made amends with her, and he began crying knowing he had the chain, but also because he still has to make amends with his dad.

Meet Daddy. June and Nick finally have a family tableau moment alone with Holly while Rita keeps guard. They almost look like a normal family if you overlook the bonnet, but every second feels perilous. June finally tells Nick that she loves him. June still loves Luke, too. Life in dystopia is messy.

Speaking of parent-child conflict, Kaylie and her parents talk with the therapist from rehab (therapy with my parents is my personal circle pf hell). Kaylie admits she feels like she has to be perfect because of them. Marty immediately jumps onto the defense and summarily leaves. 041b061a72


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