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neverwinter's political status is the worst. in fact, it is so divided that the city's rulers are known as the triumvirate. the triumvirate's bloodline is uncertain, but the current open lord, dagult neverember, is believed to be the son of lord nasher, dagult's predecessor. the open lord's father, dagult neverember, died of a plague in the early years of the spellplague and his mother, lady ellyn, remarried; she died shortly afterwards from the same plague. the open lord's half-brother, a lord by the name of dagult maragh, was appointed to be his guardian after the triumvirate's leader, baron llyuth, died of the plague of unrest. the open lord, however, does not see it that way and has been behaving increasingly authoritarian, dispatching the lord's guard, the triumvirate's elite bodyguards, to assassinate the open lord's political opponents.

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neverwinter's current crime rates are unacceptable, but in most of the city it is safe to say that most of the residents are fairly law-abiding; there are no open drug markets or gang-related violence. neverwinter is a city of diverse cultures, though, and a significant number of people practice the religion of the silver flame, making it a haven for the faithful. the city is also home to a number of elves who, though relatively few in number, are respected in their abilities as craftsmen and artisans. the elves of neverwinter, however, often keep to themselves and few outsiders make contact with them. the city is populated with dwarves, most of whom live in the undermountain, which is a natural fortress. as for the city's human residents, many practice the old ways, based on principles of magic and nature. though such wizards do exist, they are few and far between and rarely interact with the other races.


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