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6666 Games|Nintendo NES-SNES-Sega-GBA-Atari-Arcade ROMs Emulator Free Download !!TOP!!

This is a collection of RETRO LEGENDS. Collection of retro-games for video game consoles, from the very beginning of the 8-bit era, until release the fifth generation consoles in the mid-90s and the uprise of the first fully 3D games.Tons of arcade games, Atari 2600, MAME, through a third-generation - Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Sega Master System, to the 16-bit era - Sega Mega Drive \ Genesis, SNES, Neo Geo and TurboGrafX, including the release of the first 64-bit Nintendo! Also this collection included the first and one of the most successful 32-bit handheld game console ever - Game Boy Advance. THE ENTIRE VIDEO GAME CONSOLE (R)EVOLUTION IS HERE!This ultimate collection contains also several games of 8-bit home computer ZS Spectrum released in early 80's.THIS IS THE COMPLETE COLLECTION OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY.*****************************************************************************************************LIST OF VIDEO GAME CONSOLES (number of ROMs, 6666 in 1): * Atari 2600 (772)* MAME (534)* Neo Geo (327)* Nintendo 64 (46)* Nintendo Entertainment System - NES (2105)* Super Nintendo - SNES (790)* Sega Master System (369)* Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) (948)* TurboGrafX (664)* Gameboy Advance (99)* ZX Spectrum (12) -total 6666 games in 1 DVD-R DL, burn ready! (complete list of roms/games you can see in the read_me.txt file)-PC emulators included!-Cover image for printing included.*****************************************************************************************************INSERT COIN AND ENJOY!*****************************************************************************************************

6666 Games|Nintendo NES-SNES-Sega-GBA-Atari-Arcade ROMs Emulator Free Download


-You don't need to instal PC emulators, everything has already been installed, and tested. RETRO_LEGENDS are play ready, and waiting for blast off!-You don't need to unzip roms.-IF YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO SAVE YOUR GAME PROGRESS AND SETTINGS, YOU SHOULD COPY YOUR ENTIRE VIDEO GAME CONSOLE FOLDER TO HDD FIRST (WHICH IS LOGICAL, BECAUSE THE DVD ITSELF AND ITS IMAGE FILE ARE READ-ONLY). -Each video game console is located in an independent folder, so you can move and copy only one of them to HDD, another disc or share with childhood friends.-If you burn, make sure that you burn all files from the disk, including those hidden because they are important for the functioning of the emulator and the complete disc.-All tested and play ready.*ALL THIS ROMS WORK ON YOUR SMARTPHONES TOO (tested with Android and Symbian). All you need is to download appropriate emulator for your smartphone, because in this collection are emulators for your PC only.


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