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Where Can I Buy Car Mats

In this article, we recommend the best car floor mats for cars based on our testing and review of heavy-duty rubber floor mats and custom-fit floor liners designed for specific vehicles. We also tested universal floor mats, or universal-fit mats, in our search to find high-quality floor mats that are the perfect fit for your vehicle.

where can i buy car mats

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The floor mats in this article went through two rounds of reviews. We started by searching Amazon for top products, looking at factors like Prime shipping eligibility, customer ratings, Amazon superlatives, and prices. Our product testing team then ordered the floor mats that best met these criteria.

To determine the best car floor mat, we thoroughly researched and rigorously tested each product with consideration for what most people would be looking for out of a car floor mat. We unboxed, trimmed down the mats (if necessary), fitted each mat in our test vehicle, and finally tested the water retention of each mat.

The VIWIK TPE Floor Mats come in a close second for our favorite floor mats. These thick, durable floor mats offer excellent coverage and water retention. They are sized to fit and were a near-perfect match for our test vehicle (a 2018 Ford Fusion).

These floor mats offer a significant upgrade from the factory floor mats and stand out because of the full back seat coverage they offer. VIWIK floor mats are a good pick if you anticipate lots of backseat spills.

The VIWIK floor mats proved easy to install and fit almost perfectly. The driver-side mat seems a bit large and does impact (very slightly) the feel of the pedals. Thankfully, these mats did not hinder our ability to use the pedals. However, the large size of these mats position your feet a little further from the pedals than the factory mats, which can take some acclimation to get used to.

While the VIWIK floor mats have a high price tag, most reviewers feel the cost is worth it. Many claim these mats fit like a glove and are impressed by the durability and large coverage area. The VIWIK mats are also praised for being easy to install.

Our testing team was pleasantly surprised at the versatility of these car floor mats. Without being too bulky or needing high retention walls, these best-selling car floor mats do a great job of keeping dirt, debris, and messes within the confines of the floor mat itself.

The Armor All 78840ZN All Season Floor Mat is the only sub-zero weather-specific floor mat that we tested. These car floor mats are designed to withstand temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit without the mats curling, cracking, or hardening.

The car floor mats feature patent-pending anti-slip technology in the form of the Carpet Claw, which secures the mats in place and prevents them from moving. Additionally, the floor mats are manufactured by an industry leader in car care for the past 50 years.

The Kiwi Master Floor Mats and Cargo Liner utilizes digitized computer modeling of your vehicle for the perfect fit inside your car. TPE construction means these floor mats are built to last and can withstand anything you throw at them. Anti-shift nibs on the back of this floor mat keep these mats secured in place. Additionally, these floor mats come with a lifetime warranty.

After thoroughly researching and testing the best floor mats for cars, we found that the Smartliner Custom Fit floor mats were the best. The Smartliner mats dominated our various tests and were a noticeably better option than other floor mats we tested.

The WeatherTech Universal Trim To Fit that we tested is certainly worth the price for many buyers. While other car floor mats may be better equipped to handle adverse weather conditions, the WeatherTech Universal Trim To Fit strikes a nice balance between standard and heavy-duty floor mats.

Made by Armor All, a company that has been in business for more than 50 years, the mats feature deep treads, durable construction designed to prevent cracking and curling, plus a trim-to-fit perimeter to customize fit. The mats are also available in two- and three-piece sets, and in lighter and heavier weights.

While WeatherTech offers plenty of custom fit options for floor mats, this universal version comes with integrated guide lines so that consumers can easily cut them to fit. There's a lot to like about these tough, all-weather car floor mats, with a solid lineup of desirable features.

For starters, there's a half-inch lip around the edges to prevent water, slush, and salt from damaging the footwell's carpeting, plus deep, nonslip treads. They're also made of PVC-free flexible rubber that won't crack, and the front mats have separate designs for a better fit.

Call us crazy, but we're geeking out over these car floor mats because they have definite Star Wars or Marvel Cinematic Universe vibes. (They are designed at Motor Trend's headquarters in Los Angeles, so there's that.) There are also plenty of guidelines to assist in cutting.

In addition to their super-cool style, they do a great job at keeping your car's footwell clean, with rubberized nibs on the back to prevent them from sliding around, plus ergonomic grooves on top that trap water and other debris and help keep feet comfortable. Like the previous Motor Trend mats, some customers report a distinct rubber smell when new.

Graphic car floor mats are fun for personalizing your vehicle's interior while keeping dirt and stains off the footwell. There are prints to choose from, including leopard print, butterflies, and the galactic option that's shown.

Made of heavy-duty PVC, the mats are designed with a universal fit and are trimmable to customize them to your vehicle's footwells. The mats feature no-slip grips on the bottom plus a lip around the perimeter to trap water and spilled liquids.

While not completely odorless, these BPA-free car floor mats from Motor Trend are less noxious than some other brands on the market and a smart bet for anyone sensitive to chemical smells. Some customers note a lack of grip along the bottom, so they may be able to slip around in larger vehicles.

Rachel Klein is a Senior Commerce Editor for Popular Mechanics, where she writes about everything from garden hose reels and patio furniture to mesh wifi systems and robot vacuums. She started her career as a daily newspaper reporter and was a travel editor for more than a decade before she started testing and reviewing luggage, noise-cancelling headphones, and other travel-related products. Fast-forward another five years and her area of expertise includes home decor, appliances, tech, and outdoor adventure gear. In her spare time, you'll find her planning her next trip, reading historical fiction, and seeing as much art as she can squeeze into a weekend.

HIGH STRENGTH RUBBER MATS FOR AGRICULTURAL, ARCHITECTURAL, INDUSTRIAL, & SPORT APPLICATIONSANY SIZE AREA, ANY SHAPE, CUSTOM-CUT TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.The Toughest, Most Economical Rubber Flooring SolutionTuff Mats are manufactured from recycled tire-derived rubber. All objectionable material is removed. The rubber is then revulcanized under heat and pressure to form a durable product. No fillers are added. Tuff Mats are available in 3/4", 1/2", and 3/8" thicknesses. A variety of surfaces and color treatments are available as well.Most any square footage configuration can be covered with Tuff Mats. The maximum size of each mat is 4' x 6'. For areas larger than that, Tuff Mats can be configured and interlocked to provide a continous covered surface. To accomplish this, we have our own Water-Jet to precisely cut the interlocking pieces of Tuff Mats. Our Engineering Department has the ability to CAD draw any size/shape piece to the Water-Jet for custom jobs. We also have a Lab Technician to continually check the products for consistency and look for improvements. The lab also performs specification tests in accordance with appropriate ASTM standards, to ensure quality, safety, and durability.Tuff Mats are easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Mats are most easily trimmed with a utility knife or coarse toothed jig saw.We offer multi-year warranties on all of our mats depending on the application. Contact us today for more information.NEW! We've partnered with Amazon to bring you high quality rubber mats for your Volkswagen Golf, Golf GTI, Beetle, Beetle GLS, Turbo Beetle, Jetta, Jetta TDI, Passat, Routan, Tiguan and more. Click here to find Tuff Mats for your VW!

These custom fit mats are both luxurious and durable. All mats include the highest quality OEM standard anti-slip automotive backing and are equipped with our patented anchoring system or factory compatible mat anchoring devices.

GGBAILEY carpet car mats are made of the strongest, most durable and trouble-free carpet fibers available today. They are tested by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards and are designed to resist mold, mildew and wear.

The story starts with RACEMARK International, which has manufactured car mats and other accessories for more than 40 years for premiere luxury car brands like Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar and Bentley. 041b061a72


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