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Why You Should Play Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy in 2019: A Fun and Challenging Game for Everyone (No Survey, No Password Necessary)

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy: A Game Review and Analysis (No Survey, No Password Involved)

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a game that challenges the player to climb a mountain of random objects using only a hammer and a pot. The game is notorious for its high difficulty and frustrating gameplay, as the player can lose all their progress in a single mistake. The game also features commentary from the developer, Bennett Foddy, who taunts and mocks the player throughout their journey.


In this article, we will review and analyze the game and its design, and see why it has become a cult hit among gamers and streamers. We will also share some tips and tricks on how to beat the game and get over it. And don't worry, you don't need to fill any survey or enter any password to access this article.

What is Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy?

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a game that was released in 2017 for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It was developed by Bennett Foddy, who is also known for creating other games such as QWOP and GIRP. The game is inspired by Sexy Hiking, a 2002 game by Jazzuo that also involved climbing a mountain with a hammer.

The game has no plot or goal, other than reaching the top of the mountain. The player controls a man named Diogenes, who is stuck in a metal pot. The only tool he has is a hammer, which he can use to hook onto objects and propel himself upwards. The game physics are realistic and unforgiving, as the slightest slip can send the player tumbling down to the bottom.

The game also features voice-over narration from Bennett Foddy himself, who comments on the player's actions and progress. He often quotes philosophers, authors and musicians who have talked about failure and perseverance. He also makes jokes and references to other games and media. Sometimes, he even breaks the fourth wall and addresses the player directly.

The game has been praised for its originality, humor and challenge, but also criticized for its frustration and lack of reward. The game has become popular among streamers and YouTubers, who often rage and react to their failures in hilarious ways. The game has also spawned many memes and parodies on the internet.

Why is Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy so hard?

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is one of the hardest games ever made, according to many players and critics. There are several reasons why this game is so difficult and infuriating:

  • The game has no checkpoints or save points. The player has to start from the beginning every time they launch the game. The only way to save their progress is to reach certain landmarks on the mountain, which are few and far between.

  • The game has no difficulty settings or options. The player has to deal with the same physics and obstacles throughout the game. There is no way to adjust the sensitivity or speed of the hammer or the pot.

  • The game has no hints or tutorials. The player has to figure out everything by themselves through trial and error. The only guidance they get is from Bennett Foddy's narration, which is often sarcastic or misleading.

  • The game has no rewards or achievements. The player gets nothing for reaching the top of the mountain, except for a short cutscene and a message from Bennett Foddy. There is no score or leaderboard to compare with other players.

  • The game has no end or replay value. Once the player reaches the top of the mountain, there is nothing else to do in the game. The player can either quit or start over from the beginning.

All these factors make Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy a game that tests not only the player's skill and patience, but also their sanity and willpower.

How to beat Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy?

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a game that requires a lot of practice and perseverance to beat. There is no easy way or shortcut to reach the top of the mountain. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help the player improve their chances of success:

  • The player should use the mouse or the trackpad to control the hammer, as they offer more precision and flexibility than the keyboard or the touch screen.

  • The player should move the hammer slowly and carefully, and avoid making sudden or large movements that can cause them to lose balance or grip.

  • The player should learn from their mistakes and try to memorize the layout and the patterns of the objects on the mountain. They should also pay attention to Bennett Foddy's hints and clues, as they sometimes reveal useful information or strategies.

  • The player should take breaks and relax when they feel frustrated or angry. They should also mute or lower the volume of Bennett Foddy's voice if they find it annoying or distracting.

  • The player should have fun and enjoy the game as a challenge and a learning experience, rather than a punishment or a torture. They should also remember that getting over it is not only about reaching the top of the mountain, but also about overcoming their own fears and doubts.

What is the meaning of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy?

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a game that has a deeper meaning and message than it appears. The game is not only about climbing a mountain with a hammer and a pot, but also about facing and overcoming life's difficulties and hardships. The game is a metaphor for the human condition and the struggle for happiness and fulfillment.

The game explores themes such as failure, frustration, perseverance, resilience, hope, despair, acceptance, regret, redemption, and more. The game also references and quotes various philosophical and artistic works that have dealt with these topics, such as Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus, Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra, John Milton's Paradise Lost, Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, etc.

The game also invites the player to reflect on their own motivations and emotions while playing the game. The game asks the player why they play games, what they expect from them, how they cope with failure, how they react to criticism, how they value their time and effort, how they express their creativity, how they relate to others, etc.

The game also challenges the player to question their own assumptions and beliefs about games and art. The game asks the player what makes a game fun or enjoyable, what makes a game hard or easy, what makes a game fair or unfair, what makes a game meaningful or pointless, what makes a game art or trash, etc.

The game also encourages the player to appreciate and respect the game and its creator. The game shows the player how much work and passion went into making the game, how much thought and care went into designing the game, how much courage and honesty went into sharing the game, how much feedback and criticism went into improving the game, etc.

Where can I play Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy?

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a game that is available for various platforms and devices. You can play the game on your Windows or Mac computer, or on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. You can also play the game online on your web browser, or watch other people play the game on streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube.

To play the game on your computer, you need to buy and download the game from Steam, Humble Bundle, or The game costs $7.99 USD and requires a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and 2 GB of disk space. The game also supports controllers and has achievements and trading cards.

To play the game on your mobile device, you need to buy and download the game from the App Store or Google Play. The game costs $4.99 USD and requires a minimum of iOS 10.0 or Android 5.0. The game also has haptic feedback and cloud saving.

To play the game online, you need to visit the official website of the game at The game is free to play and requires Adobe Flash Player to run. The game also has leaderboards and chat features.

To watch the game online, you need to visit streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube and search for Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. You can watch live or recorded videos of other players playing the game and see their reactions and comments. You can also interact with them and join their communities. a27c54c0b2


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