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Fate Extra Ccc English Download Iso

Fate/Extra CCC English Download ISO

Fate/Extra CCC is a role-playing game developed by Type-Moon and Imageepoch, and published by Marvelous AQL for the PlayStation Portable. It is a sequel to Fate/Extra, and takes place in a parallel world where the events of the previous game did not occur. Fate/Extra CCC features a new story, new characters, new gameplay mechanics, and improved graphics.


However, Fate/Extra CCC was never officially released outside of Japan, and many fans of the Fate series have been waiting for an English translation of the game. Fortunately, a fan translation project has been working on translating Fate/Extra CCC since 2014, and has recently announced that they have completed 100% of the translation. The project is led by CanOfSoda, who also translated Fate/Extra and Fate/Grand Order.

The fan translation of Fate/Extra CCC is not yet available for download, as the project still needs to do some testing, editing, and quality assurance. However, the project has released some screenshots and videos of the translated game, which show that the translation is faithful to the original Japanese script and captures the tone and humor of the game. The project also plans to release a patch that will allow players to play Fate/Extra CCC on their PSP or PSP emulator with English subtitles.

If you are interested in playing Fate/Extra CCC in English, you will need to obtain a copy of the original Japanese ISO file of the game. You can either buy a physical copy of the game from online retailers or download a digital copy from online sources. However, downloading a digital copy may be illegal in some countries, so please check your local laws before doing so. One possible source for downloading the Japanese ISO file is Romsplanet, which claims to offer free and safe downloads of PSP ROMs.

Once you have the Japanese ISO file of Fate/Extra CCC, you will need to wait for the fan translation patch to be released. The project has not announced a specific release date yet, but they have said that they are aiming for 2023. You can follow their progress on their official website, where they post regular updates and screenshots. You can also join their Discord server, where you can chat with other fans and translators.

Fate/Extra CCC is a highly anticipated game for many Fate fans, as it offers a deeper exploration of the characters and lore of the Fate universe. The game also features some of the most popular Servants from the franchise, such as Gilgamesh, Nero, Tamamo-no-Mae, Elizabeth Bathory, Karna, and more. The game also has multiple endings and routes, depending on your choices and actions. The game is praised for its story, gameplay, music, and graphics.

We hope that this article has given you some information on how to play Fate/Extra CCC in English. We are looking forward to playing the fan translation of the game when it comes out, and we hope that you are too. Until then, please support the fan translation project by following their website and Discord server, and by spreading the word about their amazing work.


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