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Subtitle The.Fate.Of.Lee.Khan.1973.CHINESE.1080...

Subtitle The.Fate.Of.Lee.Khan.1973.CHINESE.1080... >>

To achieve victory over a rival kingdom, a General devises a plan involving the king's body double who goes on a mission to uncover the truth behind a coup. Shadow is set in ancient China. Shadow and offers a top wuxia action thriller. (Chinese with English subtitles, Prime Video, Tubi, Apple TV)

The Tang Dynasty is fighting to keep control of China but they are losing to a rebel group - The House of Flying Daggers - who steals from the wealthy and gives to the poor. Two government police detectives are ordered to investigate suspected dancer Mei (Zhang Ziyi) but fall under her charms and try to help her escape. (Chinese with English subtitles, Apple TV, YouTube, Prime Video, Google Play)

Whether you like The Battle at Lake Changjin or not, the film is a masterclass in propaganda. The movie celebrates a historic Chinese victory against America in the Korean War during the 1950 battle at Lake Changjin (aka the Battle of Chosin Reservoir) during extreme weather conditions. Panned by US critics, the movie became the second highest-grossing film of 2021 worldwide. (Chinese with English subtitles, Roku, Prime Video, Netflix in some countries)

In this Hong Kong wuxia film, directed by King Hu, Mongol General Lee Khan travels to Shaanxi province to obtain a map of the tactical plans of rebel forces. The Fate of Lee Khan is essentially a Hong Kong martial arts film with elements of espionage and is considered a classic of the genre. (Apple TV, Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play, Vudu, Microsoft, Roku, Chinese with English subtitles,)

Actor Chow Yun-fat plays an assassin who accidentally damages the eyes of the singer Jennie (Sally Yeh) during a shootout in this Hong Kong action/spy thriller. He discovers Jennie will go blind without a costly operation and decides to perform one last hit to help her. (Chinese with English subtitles.)

SPECIAL EDITION BLU-RAY FEATURES:*Limited Edition Slipcase (First print run of 2000 copies) featuring artwork by Takato Yamamato 1080p presentation on Blu-ray from a 2K restoration of the original film elements Uncompressed original Japanese mono audio Alternate English dubbed audio Optional English subtitles Brand new audio commentary by Tom Mes Brand new interview with filmmaker Kenta Fukasaku Original Japanese trailer PLUS: A collectors booklet featuring new writing on the film *All extras subject to change 59ce067264


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